Copyrights... again!

OK this has not become a copyright-watch blog... My studies have been keeping me away from blogging recently, but this morning I was browsing the web for home news and I discovered that the popular pan-Arab news wbesite Alarabiya.net republished a picture from Damascus-Online.com in a news piece about Syria and did not give any credit for it! I was with Amr when we took this picture of Youssef Al-Azmeh Square from atop the Muhafaza Building a couple of years ago (Remember Amr?) It's good they did not crop the part that has my stamp on the lower right corner, though you will need a microscope to read it!

Update (20/9): I wrote to Alarabiya. They apologized and removed the picture from the article.

Update (26/9): They used the same picture again in another news article. What's wrong with these guys?!


Anonymous said...

Just shows that their money can't buy respect and ZAOK.
I bet you if the photo was taken from Reuters or AP, the Arabiya guys would have referenced it in bold and payed heaps of dollars for the republishing rights. it seems source AAN source BETEFREK!!

Anonymous said...

shame... on the other hand - nobody's stealing bad quality pieces ;) i always enjoyed this blog - and Alarabiya just confirmed once again that you are good... you got proof that the photo belongs to you - write to them and request an apology at least! ..and keep up good job! :))

Hasan Bazerbashi said...

That sucks man!

As natalien said, try writing to them.

We miss your posts man ... try to put some more.

Take care,

Ghalia said...

It is already changed there!!Alarabiya . Anyways something should be done! copyrights should have some respects, I bet if it was a non arabic site, they'll at least give u some credit, but why we arabs do that!!!shame on us!

One Disobedient Mofo said...

Abdel Salam,

I have just read your petition to the Prime Minister in champress.net, and I must say, even though your name always popps up in events all over Syria, reading your letter automatically made me believe that you are a sincere Syrian. I admired your writing skills, and loved your way of thinking.

You make us proud. If I can help in anyway in spreading our reform demands please let me know. Me and the Civil Disobedience Movement have always conveyed the same message I think you send: We all don't want to see a new president, just a just representation in the Parliament, and freedom of speech.

No to SRP, RFP, and the Muslim Brothers in the Hood.

Syria Forever

Amr Faham said...

Hey i remember!, see, you should've made a fortune if there was copy rights in Syria.
although it's so early i started to miss those days.

O.D.M said...

I have great news from Syria, read the article:


sorry if it sounds too much like an advertisement.

gr8gatsby said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
gr8gatsby said...

welcome back! i hope your studies are going well.

although i only lived in syria for a short time (a year to be exact), i will always cherish that country as a second homeland.

i am not an arab, but you make me proud.

Sara said...

There we go again... What's wrong with these people? At least they took some action and removed the pic when you confronted them with it. Isn't there any copyright laws in Syria or something?

Anonymous said...

i just wat to tell you don't warry about one picture cause there are counries which was stolen and are still.

i'm outside my love Syria, and found your website by chance, since six months; i always check it, so go on.

ACH Syrian emigrant

Unknown said...

al arabia has money,they muss pay to you maybe 200 dollar and they muss buy your foto
they have put your foto some days...and they muss pay
maybe you can phone al-arabiya .net
thank you
if you get money for your fotos,maybe you make another nice fotos about syria and you can buy a very good digital camera
exuse me my bad englisch

JiimSiin جيم سين said...


The picture is in a section of their sites where people can leave their comments. How about a few of us leaving brief and very polite comments such is "It is worth mentioning that this photo was taken by Ayman from Damascus-Online.com"? This would be a good boost for your own site, by the way.

Just say yes, and I'll post my comment on Al-Arabiya's site!

fifi said...

Your blog is fantastic! The pictures are simply amazing. I miss Syria *sniff*

Sara said...

And they do it again.. You see Ayman, I think it's the fact your photos are much better than these people's work.

Yeah, it's good they like the photos but the least they can do is let ask or just gice you credit for you and your blog. So what are you going to do about it??

Majd said...

what a shame!

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