New Hope

New year. New hope.

No poverty. No unemployment. No corruption. No prisons. No injustice. No intervention from outside. No micro-buses. No pollution. No immigration. No loss of national pride.

No occupied land. No besieged people. No killings. No refugees. No uprooting of olive trees. No burning of palm trees. No lies. No brainwashing. No threats from superpowers. No superpowers.

No Arab disputes. No visas. No long lines on borders. No borders. No blind nationalism. No cultural invasion. No English replacing Arabic. No cheap culture. No Haifaa. No Ruby. No immorality. No religious intolerance. No religious fanaticism. No bashing of Islam.

No Tsunamis.

No 2004 again. Have a Happy New Year.


luz de la luna said...

Wonderful photograph as always!

Wish you a wonderful new year! I hope that at least some of those wishes you mention come to pass. :-)

Best Wishes
- La Luna

PS: Noticed that you added my link in your side bar. An honour - thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

A lot of NOs! "No" one yes at all!
You are so dedicated ;)


firas said...

No fool men.
No fooled men.
No suffering.
No parting with one's land, home or loved ones.

No .. big expectations.

"New hope" for a better and peacful year! Happy 2005!

Knight Kh said...

You took that from the plane I bet!!! Hahahaha!! Ingenious! Thank God you remember to switch off the flash!

Hmm... funny how you don't wish for English to replace Arabic. You seem pretty ok with commemorating a NEW Year when the new year is in reference to the Gragorian calender which is not Arabic.

But of course it's alright to commemorate it :D Just hoping and praying that the new year of the Hijrah calender will be celebrated with just as much enthusiam and resolutions.

I am thanking Allah swt for sparing tiny island Singapore from the torrents of the tsunami. Imagine what would have become of Singaporeans....


Omar said...

I wish we could say no Bush. But we have to wait until 08 for that wish.
All the best for the new year, and especially for the tsunami orphans and all Palestinians.

Muhammad said...

hmmmm,well done ,,
what i really wish you all is to have no more "No" to be demanded !
happy new year for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Perfect picture...perfect comments. Great job as always!


Leila M. said...

no immigration! I dunno, I wouldn't mind immigrating over there...

t'su said...

May this year bring peace, prosperity, and progress!