Snowing Peace

Missing this Christmas:

1. Arabic Christmas carols by the wonderful Fairouz, especially Laylet Eid (Christmas Night- the Arabic version of "Jingle Bells") and Najmet al Eid (Star of Christmas- the Arabic version of "Angels We Have Heard on High"):

Ya sama tetloj ash'aar oo salaam
"Oh the sky is snowing poems and peace!"

2. Walking/driving around the beautifully decorated Al-Qassaa' neighbourhood while people walk to the churches for the midnight mass.

* Picture: Al-Zaitoun (Olive) Church, one of the oldest in Damascus.


luz de la luna said...

Beautiful. Golden church dripping with golden light and softly waiting for whipsers of worship.

I hope it snows peace this year.

Best Wishes
La Luna.

Anonymous said...

We missed you!
Welcome back and merry Christmas

Abdulhadi Najjar

Knight Kh said...

Finally back!

Erm... when was the picture of the church taken?? During christmas?? how come it's so empty?? It would have been nice if you'd taken pictures of the streets ;D

I honestly wonder how X'mas songs would sound like in Arabic... It's like a paradox! Arabic is the language of Islam but it is used to sing songs glorifying Christianity. Imagine singing Eid Mubarak songs in HEbrew!!

I think it's beautiful- such paradoxes.


Omar said...

Marhaba Ayman,
I congratulate you on a great blog. There's nothing that cures the homesickness like a few pics from back home. Keep up the great work...
E-mail me sometime if you got the time

Rafeed said...

Dear Ayman ...
just wanna to say to all people :
missin u man ...

Anonymous said...

your ram file opens with media player, which does not accept it, do you need real player?