Fifty Percent

"President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday issued the Law No. 43 for the year 2004 which provides for paying a one-time grant of 50% of the fixed salaries and wages to the public employees and military soldiers and officers working in the state ministries, administrations, institutions, public facilities and companies..." - SANA, November 4

"...Market activity in Ramadan has slowed down compared with previous years due to economic difficulties and rising prices of food and other basic commodities. "In the past two years the market was mostly stagnant during Ramadan, although the prices did not increase a lot and meals for fasters remain quiet affordable," said fruit and vegetable vendor Khaled Safra. He said in the past his sales used to double during Ramadan, but that was no longer the case. Average citizens and limited-income earners complain that prices of food have increased by 15 to 25 percent during Ramadan this year, eating up their purchase power. "Basic food commodities such as fruits and vegetables increased by 15 percent, whereas the prices of eggs and chicken hiked by 20 percent," complained 43-year-old Abu Anwar, a taxi driver (...) "Family expenses double during Ramadan because special care is given to the fast-breaking meals which are more varied and generous than usual, and this adds financial burdens on limited income earners," Abu Anwar added..." - UPI, October 23

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Hiroko Hayashibe said...

I have visited Syria many times.From north to South. I always travelled with a Syrian guide and with my husband, sometime with my friend. Now I miss the bazaar and back streets,almost like a maze in intense heat.
from Japan