Safe Cycling

Some suggest that encouraging people to use bicycles in downtown Damascus will help reduce traffic jams and air pollution in the city. However, cycling in Damascus can be very dangerous, especially with the carelessness of motor-vehicle drivers, the weak enforcement of speed limits and other traffic rules, and the absence of special bicycle routes.


Anonymous said...

nice picture...ayman you keep surprising me with these nice shouts....but about the carelessness of the drivers...i can think about one that i know....i wonder who??????
i know it is the poor taxi's foult....bye

Aghiad said...

Hi everyone,
I know this is irrelevant but I didnt know where else to write my question. How can i have my blogs placed under the "Syrian blogs"?

Amr Faham said...

you knew where to ask Aghiasd:
Damascene blog is one of the first and the best Syrian blogs, all what you have to do is building a blog, and say that you are Syrian then we will help you, and most of us will add you to their list.

t'su said...

Sounds like Detroit!

Unknown said...

I agree with the promotion of using bikes. I guess China is the best example of high bike using country.

Sinan said...

Tell me about it... Me and my cousin tried to drive a bycicle in Al-Nasser streets I end up stopping a Taxi and paid him extra credit to grt him take me to my home.
By the way Ayman have considered my request about the meetup??

Ayman Haykal said...

Aghiad, just let me know when you start your blog and I will add it to the list. And like Amr said, all Syrian bloggers will do the same :)

Hassoun, yes it was his fault. Shoo bedna na3mel? :(

T'su, maybe Detroit has a similar problem, but I am sure the traffic is nothing like in Damascus. You should come here and see by yourself!

Sinan, you can try cycling in the very early morning or late night or on Fridays. It would be much safer. I have just sent you an email about the meetup group.

Aghiad said...

Hi Ayman,
I just created a blog yesterday , its http://aghiadghazal.blogger.com or something like that , did that make sense? i hope it did , if not then please tell me what do you need to know in order to add me on the Syrian list.


Anonymous said...

Im from London and generally think nothing of weaving myself through double-decker busses on my humble bike in this massive city. However, having been to Damascus, there is no-way I'd cycle on Damascus roads! Thats just asking for trouble! Oh and nice blog by the way :)