History Mosaic

A mosaic of history:

1. Archs of the Temple of Jupiter - Roman, 3rd century BC
2. Walls of the Mosque - Omayyad, 8th century AD
3. Western Minaret - Memluk, 15th century AD
4. Souk al-Hamidieh - Ottoman, 18th century AD
5. People - Syrian, 21st century AD


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show what a really long history Damascus has. No wonder it is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, but I think that Aleppo makes this claim also! What do other people think?

Rafeed said...

Maestro ....
that' it

Anonymous said...


You will not believe this, but it is the same photo location and idea that I was planning to send to you as your blog is in English and you can manage to arrange this post about them. Exactly in the manner, I swear!

Even, I have collected many photos about the same location. Some of them date back to the 19th century, and the rest were shot by me.

I will send them to you by email right now.


luz de la luna said...

That's some history! Is there some kind of market there?

La Luna

t'su said...

Wonderful photo.

I've resolved to learn Arabic (for many reasons) and visit Damascus. Beautiful. Ancient.

Knight Kh said...

Hey there!

I"m learning Arabic too! Not easy... Super difficult... but it's fun and I think Arabic is very romantic :P

Is it some sort of castle??? You mean to say that the structure was occupied from one empire to another? Like handed down? My history is pathetic.... And even if I were to learn history, what they taught in school is solely WEstern History which is littered with Dirty Politics... Urghgh...

Err... can you not link my blog? Thanks!