No Toilet

Tired of visitors who came in with intentions other than praying, the Imam of this Old Damascus mosque had to declare:

"Please... There is no toilet in the mosque!"


t'su said...

There are English counterpart signs in every gas station here in the city of Detroit.

I suppose persons entering the Mosque only to use the toilet disrupt prayer!

Serbest said...

That's similar to grocery shops in the 1980s and 1990s with the sign: Pls don't ask.. No cigaretters!

Aymanll can I ask you a favor? If you can take pictures for the lively Sha'alan area, especially where Booz El Jedy restaurant is locates, or otherwise, where the "lazy lady" market is.. Thanx

Ayman Haykal said...

3ala 3enee. Soon inshallah.

Martin said...

Not really related to the topic but I really love the Arabic writing. It's really beautiful.