Winter Recipe

The greatest warm-up in the bone-chilling cold: Fool Nabet - Hot black-eyed beans garnished with a lemon squeeze and a sprinkle of sour cumin. Tip: Before you start eating, grab the bowl with both hands while the warm vapors bring the fool/foul smell to your nostrils. Nothing can make you feel warmer.


t'su said...

Sounds tasty.

dooda said...

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luz de la luna said...

Mmmm sounds like just the thing for a cold day. You know there are always things that are just perfect on a cold day. You know those foods that you just crave on a frosty morning or in the frozen night? Here in London it's hot chips from the Fish and chip shop with lots of salt and vinegar :-D

Best Wishes
La - Luna - o -

Husam.Habannakeh said...

this is foooooooool nabit we have the same here in Amman

nice picture keep the good stuff