Every Living Thing

Clean drinking water from Ein al-Fijeh spring was first introduced into Damascus by Governor Hussein Nazem Pasha in 1906. The Committee of Ein Al-Fijeh Water, which was established by politician and national leader Loutfi al-Haffar , started in 1922 to lay infrastructure to deliver drinking water to all Damascus. The project was completed in 1932. The Committee's headquarters in An-Nassr Street occupy a beautiful building that was erected in 1942 and decorated by the beautiful artwork of Mohamad Ali Khayat and calligraphy of Mohamad Badawi Al-Dirani. The script on the top is a verse from the Holy Quran:

"And we made from water every living thing"


yaman said...

That really is a very beautiful building! And a good verse to match it, too!

ahmad said...

very beautiful architecture

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful architecture ,nice work.
it is a pity that the architecture of today is not at the same level.

Omar said...

Very nice building, I'm surprised at how clean it is, in contrast to Al-Abed building. I guess it's the abundance of water!

faraz said...

I think that everyone who visits this blog knows that Damascus is truly a beautiful capital city and has some amazing history, culture and architecture like this building here.
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Ahmad said...

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faraz said...

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Ayman said...

Thanks for the info, Faraz. I didn't know about this book before.

Ayman said...

Thanks for the info, Faraz. I didn't know about this book before.