Pulling Out

President Bashar Al-Assad addressed the Parliament today about the Lebanese crisis. Assad announced a plan to withdraw Syrian troops to Bekaa valley, as a step towards full withdrawal. When this withdrawal is completed, Assad said, Syria would have fulfilled its obligations under the Taif agreement and UN Security Council resolution 1559. Will this be enough to stop the barking of Bush and others? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

Quotation from Book of Habbakuk, Old Testament(Taurayt) Chapter 2, Verse 17:

For the violence done to Lebanon shall sweep over you, the havoc done to its beasts shall break your own spirit, because of bloodshed and violence done to the land, to the city and all its inhabitants!

Stellar said...

OK, I'm a Syrian and I have to say this very important point of view... When Syria came in Lebanon back in the 70's they were asked to come in to help stabilize things in Lebanon when the the civil war was ntaking place. When the war was finally over, Syrian military stayed to make sure the country stays stable. Many years later they are still there. Now that's wrong because they are taking control when they shouldn't and they need to go out. They seriously bothered the Lebanese but there wasn't violence in the sense what's been happening in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan or even the Lebanese civil war for example.

To make this short, Syria over stayed in Lebanon and I see our President Bashar Al-Assad's 2 step pullout is a good idea. The two countries need to plan their relations during and after this so both countries can benefit each other and not have both threatened by their neighboring country...