Oh-My-God Square

Omayyad Square has been closed to traffic for 4 days now, while construction works are accelerated in the hope of ending a long nightmare for Damascene drivers. It's been three years since the central Omayyad Square was turned into a mess for the sake of a 300-meter-long tunnel that connects Al-Mazzeh and Shukri Al-Quwatli streets. During that period, what used to be Damascus' most beautiful square has been filled with huge construction vehicles, confused traffic police and cars trying to avoid endless holes and humps. Al-Iqtisad Magazine commented: "O-My-God Square" may be a better name.


Anonymous said...

Civil engineers aren't doing their jobs correctly. This should have been a flawless project to redesign in order to relieve congestion.

Anonymous said...

Omayad square was a very besutiful square, wspecially when it was re-done with the white stone rim. now it looks like a dump area, not mentioning the bumpy ride while driving through it these days. no matter what the project is, engineers should rebuilt the square to its elegance.
"if you would like, i can send you a pic from those great days when someone enjoys driving through the nice Omayad square"

Ayman said...

The square was opened to traffic again today. I think the original plan includes beautiful gardens in the middle of the square. Let's hope this will be executed soon. I would be grateful if you send that picture to my email el_sirio@yahoo. Thanks :)

MMM said...

I remember the beautiful Omayyad Square from the first time I visited Damascus.

Last year, when I visited again, construction work was underway and there was nothing to see anymore but the bulldozers and stuff.

Hopefully the works will end soon and it'll go back to it's former beauty and grace :)

Anonymous said...

I am very proud to see such effort on the internet was made by a syrian blogger!

Mohamed Rodwan