Rooftop Mess

Typical rooftops of Damascus residential buildings: A mess of hanging wires and cables, water-storage tanks, air-conditioners, solar power panels, TV antennas and herds of satellite dishes, most of them looking towards Arabsat.


Omar said...

I remeber when satellite dishes were still illegal, and I used to go to the Satti7 (roof of the house)to direct our attenna to our neighbours' dish so I can watch Captain Majid.. good times

t'su said...

Interesting perspective shot. Not something I could see elsewhere. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


luz de la luna said...

Strange plastic mushrooms feeing on raw signal and white noise. Arial antenna taste the air.

Best Wishes
La Luna :-)

Anonymous said...

well, what do u want them to do...
poor people with bored-upsetting life, no money, no freedom, sit home all day... they have to watch TV
do u want them to see the channel1 and channel 2 of the syrian TV? watch old dated press news?

we dont have cable? or let me say the gov wont allow it unless MR RAMAK and his gang get a B.O.T deal for 15 years , install garbage equipment and then get a overcharge everybody,

but again, ur right, i wish the dishes were smaller, or they can have onr dish per bldg... but again, the poeple would fight cause this guy wants POLSAT but the other wants ORBIT..

post something about the poor neighbourhood's on damas, like tabaleh, sit zeinab, were poop poeple live in horrible conditions, and suggest a way to help them
post something about the villages in alhasakeh and qamishley who dont have Sewer, telephone,no electricity,,, yes poeple , lots of villages are like that but u done know about it cause papers dont tell u.

post something about the "umawiyeen circle" and how its still unfinished? who to blame?

post something about the rate of unemployment, about the young minds who are linning up at embassies in damas, trying to escape...


luz de la luna said...

What is your problem? He posts what he wants to post. This blog isn't about politics. There are poor people and injustice everywhere in the world. Every blog, or comment, or movement does not have to be about that. There is a place for everything.

While I agree with you that it's important to raise the issues that you do and have respect for you in that you are fighting for recognition for those things I have great issue that you keep spamming some other persons blog.

I have a questions for you Mr Anonymous.

Firstly, if you are so high principled then why are you Anonymous? Are you not being a coward? Show yourself. If you believe in your words then put a name to your words.

Secondly, If you feel so strongly about the issues that you keep on raising here in the comments of this blog then why do you not do something yourself instead of lambasting somebody els for NOT doing it??? Set up your own blog and show the poor. Set up your own blog to show injustice.

Anonymous said...

maybe ur right...
i will stop posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i can post with a fake name... like "syrian hero" or whatever... but,

thanks for the harsh/nice/resonable/unreasonable words

Ayman said...

No. Please keep posting, Anonymous. But, like La Luna said, this is not a political Blog or a newspaper. The pictures and posts here try to highlight some aspects of Syrian life and some scenes from the history and culture of a city I love. I am not trying to use this blog to say that everything in Syria is alright. I never said that. When I focus on the bright side, it's because this is what we need while we work on the dark one.