Aleppan Wisdom

Words of wisdom on the show window of a souvenir shop in Aleppo:
"A civilized person only spits in his handkerchief! Cleanliness is part of faith."


yaman said...

Hi Ayman!

I love the pictures you are posting--they are very entertaining.

The picture you posted of the Queen Center last week included part of my uncle's pharmacy--I was very excited by this =)

Thank you for your work!

-- Yaman

faraz said...

Marhaba, yaa Ayman! At least in Syria you are lucky that the local populace doesn't chew paan (the betel leaf) like a lot of people in the Indian subcontinent do. Personally I think it is a disgusting and offensive habit because people who chew this regularly spit out a dark brown-orange colour spittle which is found in every nook and cranny and 'colours' the landscape in a foul colour. Keep up the good work. I see your blog is encouraging some interesting and civilized debate!

Sinan said...

I really liked the syntax this man used. "mezyala" I rarely find people using this word.

Mimi said...

???? ?? :)