Two Peoples

Lebanese daily Assafir wrote:

"For the past couple of days, the Syrian-Lebanese border has been witnessing one-way traffic. Thousands of Syrian workers 'fled' to their country, fearing strong Lebanese feelings against them on the background of the assassination of ex-prime minister Rafik Al-Hariri. Although racism against Syrian workers has always been there, it did not make up the whole scene like it does now [...] A quick visit to the Syrian-Lebanese border last Friday and Saturday is enough to draw a sad picture of how recent developments have affected relations between the two peoples"

To the people in the Lebanese media and opposition who are fueling hatred against Syria; to all the narrow-minded people who are insulting Syria, the country and the people, in the streets of Beirut: Picturing Syrian people as an enemy will only harm your cause and make you lose the sympathy and support of many Syrians. Even after the Syrian army withdraws, Syria will remain on Lebanon's doorstep, your neighbor till the end of time. Don't let filthy politics separate the two peoples. Don't cut new wounds that can take a long time to heal.

Picture: Syrian-Lebanese border at Jdaideh.