Damascene Breakfast

A no-longer-new trend in Damascus is opening restaurants and cafes in restored traditional Damascene houses of the Old City. As well as making good money for investors, this helped to preserve many beautiful houses that were neglected for a long time and to breathe life back into the Old City. An example is Beit Jabri, an 18th-century house with 23 rooms that was turned into a restaurant in 1996. On Friday mornings, Beit Jabri is crowded with people who gather for a traditional Damascene breakfast of fatteh or tess'iyeh: A mixture of broken pieces of toasted pita bread and chickpeas, covered with a special sauce made of yogurt and tahini (sesame seeds paste) and served in two types: with olive oil or with samneh (ghee).


sasa said...

All this time in Sham, and I didn't know Bayt Jabri serve breakfast! Thanks for opening my eyes to a Damascus I never knew.

Anonymous said...

Looks great!

Sara said...

I've never been to Beit Jabri. My aunt's family and I were suppose to go there on New Years Eve but it was closed. Instead we ate Shawirma at a place next to AlNofara. There is one place I've been that serves the best Shawirma everthat is set up the same way as Beit Jabri but it's much smaller. It's called AlSaddiq. They only serve shawirma as a main dish. Of course there is kibbeh, Hommus, birak, lentil soup, and Salad with the meal. It's just wonderful.

Ayman, this pic is amazing.. You take your own pic or do get them from somewhere??

t'su said...

I love those foods. Lovely photo.

I think I would enjoy breakfasting in such a place. Thanks for discussing such a place.

Unknown said...

I think we all have seen those places in some m'sallsal from syrian Drama ^^ especially in "aĆ¢sthar", am I right? I want to discover those places, insh'allah. But the only thing I dislike, is tes'iyeh very bad dish i really don't like!!!
Keep on posting plz

Martin said...

Wow, what a beautiful place :-)

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that lovely picture and memento of 'Jabri House' as I got to know it during the few day's stay I enjoyed in Damascus. When I come back, I must try breakfast there, too!

Surely, when I come back to Damascus I will go back there - the Internet cafe housed in the same building is nice and convenient: blog first, then have one if the delicious fruit drinks in the restaurant.

Mimi said...

a friend of mine who visited syria told me about these restaurants; and he was very impressed; it must be lovely; i would love to visit syria one day;

nice pics and nice comments;
keep it on :)

MMM said...

I went to Bayt Jabri twice the last time I was in Syria (Last year in September), once for lunch and once for breakfast.

Their fatteh is the best, it's great :)

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