Modern Landscape

Modern Damascus: In the foreground is Tishreen Park, the largest and most visited in Damascus; in the background is Al-Mazzeh neighborhood with some of its landmarks: Al-Assad University Hospital, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmacy and Damascus University dormitories. Also in the background on the far left is the still-under-construction building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kafarsousseh.

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Serbest said...

The landscape in this picture is awsome. One of the lovely things about Damascus is the variation between flat landscaping, mountains, small hills, lush green scenes (especially in Rabweh road which is said to be gloablly unique in such a big city). The annoying thing, however, is the "innovations" that some fat cats make such as this ugly building in Kiwan area. I believe the owner could have another attractive look for his building that matches with the rest of the scene.