Lebanese Shrapnel

Main headline of Asharq Al-Awsat:"Hariri's Assasination: Shrapnel Hits Syria"

Gloomy weather in Damascus today. Nervousness is in the air. People woke up to listen to thousands swearing at Syria during Hariri's funeral. Yesterday Syrian workers were attacked in Sidon and a Syrian truck was set on fire. One mourner told Reuters: "I want to kill someone today -- a Syrian."

It's sadly funny how masses can easily be used as a mere plaything in a big dirty political game. Funny how a lie is repeated over and over until it becomes a common belief that nobody can/dares challenge.

With the US and Syria seemingly heading towards confrontation, many Syrians feel like the Iraqi scenario is being repeated. Did Syria kill Hariri? Find the answer here: Did Iraq really have weapons of mass destruction?