Little Istanbul

Souk Saroujah was the first neighborhood in Damascus to be built outside the city walls in the 13th century. Known as Damascus's "Little Istanbul," Sarouja contains some perfect examples of traditional Damascene architecture, including houses, mosques and baths. The neighborhood had to struggle against the merciless invasion of steel and concrete, and had already lost some battles when the Governorate of Damascus decided to declare it as a protected historical site and started to "think", along with the Ministry of Tourism, about renovating the ailing buildings and opening the area up to tourists.


Anonymous said...

Its heartbreaking to see how the Litte Istanbul, the most prestegious of all Damascus's old suburbs, has been degraded and neglected into such a state.


Omar said...

Hi Ammar,
Picture after picture is blog is proving to be the best. I also wish I had your knowledge of Damascus and history, it's a learning experience everytime I visit (which is everyday). I was wondering if you could take a picture of El Sal7ya, especially of Serob restaurant, and while you're there eat a few sandwiches and get some 3eran for me.. :)

luz de la luna said...

The contrast between the old and new is really what interests me in this picture.

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