Never Repaired

The Hijaz Station was erected in 1908 after the construction of the Hijaz Railway that connected Damascus to Mecca and made Muslim pilgrimage easier than ever before. The railway was used to supply Turkish armies during World War I so it was subject to destructive attacks by Arab rebels aided by Lawrence of Arabia in 1916. Although parts of it remained intact and still connect Syria and Jordan, the railway to Mecca (now in Saudi Arabia) was severely damaged during the Arab Revolt and was never reconstructed.


Anonymous said...

Colonel T.E. Lawrence (so-called of Arabia) because he 'led' the Arab revolt against the Turks promising the Arabs self-determination and independence of their territories after the first world war. Instead there was French and British imperialism of Arab territory in the guise of League of Nations 'mandates'. Not only that but there was partitioning of the Uthmani Wilayats and creation of new countries like Jordan, Lebanon and Israel. Gertrude Bell (another agent of European imperialism) drew and made up the modern map of Iraq incorporating the Uthmani Wilayats of Mosul, Baghdad and Basra thus separating Mosul from Syria even though historically Mosul has been more closely associated with Syria than it has been with Iraq!
Finally there was the infamous (or famous depending on your point of view) General Henri Gouraud the French imperialist who decided to partition Syria and create Lebanon on 1st September 1920. This is worth remembering in the light of recent events. In summary these individuals and 'great powers' that supported them contributed to the fragmentation and disunity of the Arab and Islamic heartlands of Iraq and Syria as well as many other Muslim territories in other places!

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I would like to draw the last person's attention to the fact that Israel should never be considered one of the "Uthmani Wilayat" as it never was. In fact, even the infamous Balfour declaration issued by Arthur J. Balfour, british foreign secretary in 1917, referred to "Palestine" as the proposed "national home for the jewish people" (declaration text: http://www.palestinehistory.com/doc08.htm )
It was not before 1948, long after the time of Lawrence of Arabia and the Arab revolt against the french and british mandates, that Palestine's destiny was determined to be, by those same "great powers", the created state for the jewish immigrants; Israel.
When quoting history, one should put things into their right context, otherwise leading to erroneous conclusions.

Stellar said...

When I was in Syria a couple of months ago, I saw the station and instatly it caught my attention. I asked about it but my uncle didn't seem to know very much about it. I come here with rich information... It's great.

Ayman, thanks for this blog... It helps me to get to know my own country that I never really lived in. It's wonderful.

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I used to live in Syria in the 80's.... And have not been there since...Can you please take photos of Almalki and Abu Rumanah areas...I used to live around there.. Thanks

sasa said...

Thank you Ayman for your kind words, and for linking to me. I hope everyone benefits from my blog - just trying to give some news from Syria.

Your blog is what inspired me to start doing this! As well as a love for our country.

Loving your photos!


luz de la luna said...

That's really a very beautiful building.

Keep up the great work. Love the pictures and all the info you give.

Best Wishes
- Luna

Alcuin Bramerton said...

A traditional Norfolk koan may assist:

Yoghurt Shelves

A man in a grey suit is standing by the yoghurt shelves in a supermarket in Cornwall.
He is looking for morphine suppositories.
This man is not the promised messiah.

More may be encountered:

t'su said...

Quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at the Hidjaz and what is in the works for the future. Very impressive.