Rush Hour

Rush hour in downtown Damascus, dominated by yellow cabs from different eras: 1983 Mitsubishi Lancer, Mid-1990s Daewoo Cielo and late-1990s Daewoo Matiz, newer but cheaper Skoda-Lada, Dacia and Turkish-made Sahin. Try to recognize the typical 1980s white Peugeot 504 with black curtains (the driver is probably a young army conscript and the owner is a low-ranking army officer) and the white Mercedes Benz E300 with a special number plate (high-ranking officer). The scene is not complete without the small white Suzuki carry pick-up, commonly known in Syria as Tertayra because of the "terrr.. terrr" sound it produces.


Anonymous said...

loool Ayman, i really like ur comment about the low and high ranking officers :), well, it's a typical scene in Syria that we can't ignore. and not to mention, those low or HIGH ranking officers consider themeselves as crowns or Nobles that nobody cant talk to....but in fact they are as hopeless ruthless stupid uneducatated as hell.

Firas said...

Hi Ayman,
Lovely pic! Indeed, looking at it brought some memories of this area of town! I remember driving down Al-Thawra bridge and joining all these taxis (with their ultra-curteous driving) down to turn right to Nasr street and finally reaching Hijaz station where traffic eases up some.
I remember being stuck in that traffic for almost an hour on a hot mid-August afternoon for a trip that should take about 30 minutes if walking the same distance (at most), and while driving my family's Dodge 1974 with manual gears! IT DROVE ME CRAZY, but I still miss it after almost 3 years away ... can't explain how! :)

luz de la luna said...

Really good photograph. I wish I could step right into it and walk those streets and explore those far and exotic buildings.

Best Wishes
La Luna

t'su said...

Great photo, interesting commentary!

Hosam - New York said...

Al Thawra Street, Al Marjeh, and the area surrounding the entrance Al Hamidiye which is pictured here are actually my least preferred places in Damascus.

Has any of you seen some of those vintage black and white photographs of these areas as they appeared at the beginning of the 20th century? They used to be beautiful, with plenty of open spaces and classic Damascene architecture.

As I look at what this area and the rest of modern Damascus have become, and I feel sick! There needs to be a complete reconstruction and overhaul project in downtown Damascus, just like the ones in Beirut and Amman. A project that preserves and renovates what is left of the classic neighborhoods, and a project that demolishes, refurbishes and rebuilds this ugly mess that is Downtown Damascus.

Oz said...

Sure,I really miss those rush hours, when everybody is hooting (with the "zammour")which's very disturbing lol. I haven't noticed the fact that "HIGH ranking officers consider themeselves as crowns or Nobles" but I'll focus on it ^^, but now i can't because i'm french, but I'll do it soon ^^. sorry for spaming but if you have some advices for my french/syrian blog, leave a comment on http://btw-f-s.blogspot.com